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What clients have to say about working with
DISCovery Profiling.

Working with DISC Profiling has enabled me to pursue the core of my leadership strategy with insight, focus, experience, and efficiency. Joy and Steve have helped me energetically seek the answer to my foundational question. “If my people are truly my greatest asset I would …”

 Whether through assessments, video conferences, teleconferences, or in person work we have made relentless progress in recognizing the depth of each individuals potential within the dynamic operating environment we choose to compete in as a Retail Power Marketer. Joy’s international experience was a valuable asset in working with my team which has members from seven different countries.



As a manager of  a business, it is imperative to understand how to effectively communicate and motivate employees. The tools and expertise provided by Discovery Profiling, Inc. and Joy and Steve Schwertley have assisted our Company unlock the hidden potential of our collective group and maximize our results and objectives.

Matthew A. Lernor, President, First Community Financial


As a company, we are not capital intensive, nor does our business model contemplate heavy investments into intellectual property.   It is our people that are our largest asset and KeyneLink has been a great tool in helping to formalize our communication plan amongst and between are various stakeholders groups.    While our culture is one where people are encouraged to share information openly and often, it is also important to take time on a regularly scheduled basis to provide more formal two-way feedback between an employee and his/her manager. Having utilized KeyneLink for 3 years, I have found the tool to be easy to navigate and serve many useful purposes. As a result, I would highly recommend it the KeyneLink system.

 Bob Georgeoff, President, APS Energy Services


"Discovery Profiling has been a mainstay at APS Energy Services, an energy provider, located in Tempe Arizona,  for the past almost 10 years. I met Joy at an Arizona Business Women's conference where she went over our DISC results collectively. I was so curious that I had her come to our work. It has not been the same since. Not only did I have all employees take the DISC, but continued it for all new employees. Joy's 1/1 debriefings were invaluable to cultivating the productivity of each of our employees. My philosophy was to invest in each employees' getting to know themself and their natural strengths. When positions opened or could be created that best matched their strengths, I would try to place them in the best-fit position. We achieved and succeeded with 1/3 the employees of many of our competitors. Joy was further retained to debrief management and to assist us in learning each other's strengths and communication challenges. The results were a better understanding and appreciation for each other, and hence, less conflict. Joy was called to intervene in potential employee terminations to assist the employee in determining whether moving on best matched their goals. We have had no lawsuits surrounding terminations. Our commodity business has been wound down over the past year, leaving the energy efficiency work. I moved on, but the remaining President continues to use Joy's services, having seen the value created and the augmentation that Discovery Profiling provided to enhance the HR function."

Vicki Sandler, former APS Energy Services President of 10 years and President of WearthyIdeas, LLC.


"I first starting working with Joy and Steve from DISCovery Profiling in 2001.

I have always been fascinated with how different people communicate differently. What Discovery Profiling has performed at three companies I have led is improve overall team communication. Once we improved communication, Joy led our team in a workshops to build trust and empowered us to have meaningful discussions focusing on real issues. All my teams showed dramatic improvements in their measurable indicators, and morale improved . As a side, once the team was untied, sales objectives with our customers and satisfaction scores improved as well.
On a personal note I also engaged Joy and Steve as a personal coach. I can’t say enough how valuable this experience has been. Just as they help companies they have numerous tools and years of experience to coach and guide individuals to be whom they are uniquely gifted to be . Since working with them I have received promotions and ultimately became the president of two organizations. I have written my first book, and now I conduct public seminars and consulting sharing the gifts their coaching found buried deep beneath daily to-do lists.. Had I not worked with Joy and Steve it is highly likely I would still be in a “job” and not living in a space where my passions and experience meet customer needs.
"Thank you Joy and Steve!"
Mark Allen Roberts
"I first became aware of Discovery Profiling in 2001. For the past seven years I have used their systems to identify the personality characteristics of my department managers, their teams and new applicants. Their systems work!   As the result of the information provided to our department managers about themselves and their teams the department managers were better equipped to deal with the individual personalities thereby improving their team performance and reducing employee turn over."
Roby Edwards-Kwik-Way Products
"Discovery Profiling has provided my training team with the knowledge and support tools to teach our employees about DISC and to discover how they can function better as managers, team leaders, and team members by knowing more about their communication style preferences and the styles of their direct reports and co-workers. Joy Schwertley has also helped us with teambuilding in our workplace and with specific one-on-one coaching.  We use the online assessment with our new managers to give them insight into their leadership styles and values. Our team based culture has benefited greatly from the tools and support we received from Joy and her team."
Suzanne Harbster, Sr. Mgr, Organizational Development, Microchip Technology Incorporated
Sr. Mgr, Organizational Development