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Overview of Assessments:

DISC Assessments-STYLE ANALYSIS RESPONSE FORM that reflects the PARTICIPANT'S  BEHAVIOR. This is a timed ten minute questionnaire, with 24 boxes with MOST/LEAST responses.  This is a communication tool and there are no wrong or right answers and must be completed uninterrupted and the focus must either be work or personal.

Values Assessments
-PERSONAL INTERESTS, ATTITUDES and VALUES FORM which highlights what MOTIVATES the individual. There are 12 category response  boxes, with 6 items per box to be ranked by the  individual. The report generated by this completed questionnaire highlights their personal motivating factors.

Internet Delivery Service™-These are links for any of the required reports that are sent to the individual to complete online  The results are received on completion of each of the links and can be administered at different locations.

PERCEPTION’ S 360 MU L T I - R A T ER-Multi-rater or 360 degree feedback is a tool used in many organizations for helping employees at all levels gain insight into their strengths and developmental needs byproviding feedback from multiple perspectives -- peers, subordinates, managers, andinternal and external customers.

 ASSESS-Designed for Executive, Manager and Professional positions, and is inexpensive compared to using one on one psychologist. Validated by Organizational Psychologists. Assess is an abilities testing using RAVEN'S STANDARD, THUSTONE TESTS, WATSON-GLASER Critical Thinking & Employee Aptitude Survey. Provides developmental information for learning tools.

Designed For Retail Managers, Assistant Managers, and Healthcare Personnel. A Validated assessment, it incorporates 23 specific questionnaires for given job types. Provides Personality and Predictive Index Scores, Interviewing Probe Suggestions, & Hiring Recommendations. (15-20 minutes to complete.)

Used for salespeople that will be selling "Business to Business". Measures Personality, Knowledge, and Motivation. SALESMAX  provides a detail  Interview Probe Questions & Guides. Candidate Report. You can manage the assessment database, evaluate candidates, and print reports using any internet connection. (1Hour to complete.)

PRE-EMPLOYMENT SURVEYS developed for ENTRY LEVEL/HOURLY WAGE employees. Orion measures 6 dimensions of integrity and work ethics. (Supervisory,Work,Workplace Drug use, Workplace Theft, Safety and Trainability).  EEOC/ADA Compliant. Designed for Banks, Restaurant, Retail Clerks, Warehouses, and Production workers. Can be taken online, or by paper. 

For ENTRY LEVEL Hourly Employees, and provides immediate testing, evaluation, and reporting. E-NET HIRE is VALIDATED-EEOC/ADA Compliant. Can be taken in English or Spanish, and can be performed on the internet, or phone on a 800 number. 16 Panels show 8 Positive indicators and 8 Risk Indicators, and all risks are differently weighed and normed. Provides the employer Caution Statement, Probing Questions, and Coaching Ideas.

-Is laboratory based and detects amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and PCP. Includes the collection device, shipping to the lab for processing and the lab report.
Compatiability Assessments
Relationship Assessments


DISCovery Profiling considers coaching as an issue of trust, mutual respect and a valued relationship. Coaching is partnering with a client to align their core values with their goals. Once established, we then develop a strategic plan to make the goals become a reality. When goals are supported with core values the work can be effortless. Additionally, we emphasize the concept of self-actualization. We open the door to possibilities many clients have never thought possible.

Our clients utilize coaching in areas of :
  • Organizational Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Mentoring individual and/or senior management for self  improvement
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Career Path Choices
  • Family issues