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Welcome to DISCovery Profiling!

DISCovery Profiling philosophy is simple! Let us assist you in finding the right people who possess great attitudes and values, and to make "employees fit, not quit".

All companies have experienced the costs of making a hiring mistake. In many instances the hiring mistake is the biggest mistake a company can make. By utilizing computerized assessments we can provide your management the behavior, attitudes and values that a candidate would bring to your organization. Hiring errors generally costs a company three times the amount of the salary of the prospective candidate, which can adversely affect any company's bottom line striving to be profitable!
The next stage that DISCovery Profiling targets and assists is the common problem of managers never being trained as managers. We know that may sound odd, but for the first time in business history, many companies now employ four different generations of employees. DISCovery Profiling provides the magic to help senior management teams and their staffs to communicate with one and another, achieving corporate initiatives, tasks, and goals.
Experience the magic, and inquire how you can become one of the hundreds of companies that successfully utilize our services since 2001.